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My Toaster Does, But It's From Denmark

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My name is Robyn. (psssst: if you found me on the dbpbc, I'm Danny :P)

do you ever feel so tired that you feel heavy

“Growing up with brothers, it wasn’t really Barbie dolls and Disney princesses. It was more like comics and sports. So getting to be on the Marvel show is like most girls’ dream of being a princess. I would dream of doing exactly what I’m doing right now and that’s very exciting,”

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this is your daily reminder to not forget about ferguson. Keep it going!

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Based on the spoilers, Chris will have a lot of free time and get a paycheck from glee while he continues to write TLOS4. Looks like he will also have time to do many other projects.

get to know chloe bennet

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Handcuff suicides are oddly common… #handsup #dontshoot #policebrutality #ourlivesmatter #ferguson #mikebrown #blacklivesmatter


Handcuff suicides are oddly common… #handsup #dontshoot #policebrutality #ourlivesmatter #ferguson #mikebrown #blacklivesmatter


Sure, kittens are cute and all..but what about the love and wisdom of old dogs?

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. meme ± 6 episodes ± Nothing Personal

It’s in the SHIELD handbook, chapter one. The Red Skull, founder of Hydra, was a big, fat, freaking Nazi. 

King Fergus: [shrill voice] I don’t want to get married, I want to stay single and let my hair flow in the wind as I ride through the glen firing arrows into the sunset!

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my mum is mad because i don’t wanna do shit. excuse you, you spent the whole day with old people going to watch shows and visiting the cute animals at the farm. of course you’re not as tired as me.


in other news my li’l fruit gummy packs are like all red gummies. there’s like one or two yellow gummies per pack. why. why. i’d better find a pack filled with all yellow gummies and a single red one.

Can you turn on the light,
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